• There should be no child aged up to 5 years that hasn’t been examined at least once by an eye specialist.
  • Headache, dizziness, eyeball pain could arouse from the need of wearing eye glasses (fornear or distant sight).
  • Glaucoma reduces vision gradually without causing pain. The need to often check intraocular tension emerges to all individuals over the age of 45 and specially to those with glaucoma heredity.
  • Vehicle drivers with refractive abnormalities should visit their doctor more often.
  • Loss of sight (even for a few seconds), illuminations (false sense that flashes appear at the vision field) myopsia (false sense that «little flies» appear at the vision field) are reasons important to notify the eye specialist immediately.
  • Beware of the eye affections. There not always of minor importance, some of them could be harmful.
  • Do not use other people’s collyres, or collyres that have been opened for over a month, or collyres you know nothing about the way they’ve been kept.