OCT as a routine examination.

Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD OCT) as a routine preoperative non invasive fundus examination in patients with cataract.

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Precis: 369 cases divided in 3 groups. Group A: cases with known medical history. Group B: cases examined for the first time (people who usually do not visit doctors on a regular basis). Group C: cases examined in order to confirm diagnosis made by other specialists. 37 cases with important

findings (16 cases treated before cataract extraction and 8 cases were being treated in a 2 months period after the cataract extraction). The percentage of pathological findings in the 3rd group of patients is higher, followed by the 2nd group.

Purpose: To determine the usefulness of SD OCT as a routine examination in diagnosis and therapy strategy for patients with cataract. Methods: Scan parameters: 50 to 101 B-scans, 37.150 to 80.194 total A-Scans, 7-10mm Scan width and 1,9 to 4,0 sec scan duration used in 369 cases. Results: 12 cases without any results, 320 cases with normal or low value findings, 37 cases with important findings. Conclusion: The combination of cataract with fundus diseases is common. Thus, routine fundus non invasive examination offers relatively safe prognosis, assists in documenting cases with pathological findings, improves the acceptance, cooperation and patient ’ s trust and helps in setting therapy strategy, as several cases must be treated before cataract extraction.

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Background Statement : Some cataract surgeons often avoid any preoperative invasive examinations. In many cases after cataract extraction, low visual acuity maybe found as a result of macular disease that had not been diagnosed preoperatively.      

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