Greece in 1903-1920
The Swiss Philhellenist Fred Boissonnas is the first foreign photographer who started travelling in Greece since 1903 and for nearly three decades later. He travelled from Peloponnese to Crete and Olympus in Ithaca and Mt Athos. His work was rather innovative and decisive for the development of Greek photography during the 20th century. Through photos and albums he presented a panorama of the Greek interwar period, helping to shape the European public’s opinion for Greece the same period.
The work of Fred Boisset, although known in Europe in the early 20th century, is now known as a second reading. Progress on technical issues, the discovery of colour, the usability of travel machines and facilities, can now make the project obsolete, but the historical look reveals modernism when other photographers who roamed in Greece were put into comparison. The artist lost his interest in recording everything disappeared, fact that gives us a picture of Greece which extends beyond the ethnographic evidence. The great faith and admiration for Greece are transmitted through his work with a tenderness and a love of power, even today after so many years his work gives soul to these pieces of paper, which could  have remained simple pictures ...

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Parthenon, 1908

Sheep under the Acropolis, 1903

View of the Acropolis from Thisseio, 1920

Athens, Athena Street 1920

Athens, Ermou Street 1920

Athens, Plaka 1920

Kifissia, 1920

Andritsaina, purchase, 1903

Andritsaina, inside the house, 1903

Men in the street Andritsaina 1903

Crete, Omalos 1911

Crete, inside the house, 1911

Crete, the brothers in the village of Lakki Mantakas 1911

Crete, inside the house in the village of Lakki, 1911

The picking of the olives in Preveli, Crete 1911

Crete, the courtyard house, 1919

Meteora, Manganese, 1908

Meteora FRED BOISSONNAS ascent of the cart, 1908

Zemeno Corinth, priest family 1903

Zemeno Corinth, Fred and Daniel clink glasses with the drivers of their animals, 1903

Family Zemeno in Corinth, 1903

Zemeno Corinth, priest and his family, 1913

Akrata, 1903 yards

Glens Arcadia, 1903

Athos, the monastery of Great Lavra, 1929

Athos, monastery of Vatopedi, 1929

Journey to Mount Athos, 1928-1930

Journey to Mount Athos, 1928-1930

Corfu excellently, 1903

Gastouri Corfu, the source of the Empress Elizabeth, 1903

Festival in Gastouri Corfu, 1903

Olympus, the “Pantheon”, 1914

Olympus camp fodder, 1914

Kokkinopoulos, Elassona, 1913

Shepherds at the top of Parnassus, 1903

Amorgos, women, 1911

Mill in Maronia, 1911

Edessa, 1908

Kleisoura, inside the mansion, 1911

Macedonia lichnisma, 1911

Macedonia, a guard outpost, 1913

Men and dogs in the drama of Ioannina, Preveza, 1913

Delvinaki Ioannina, elders, 1913

Kavalari Zagoria, 1913

Metsovo, 1913

Metsovo, in spring, 1913

Konitsa Mesogefyra, 1913

Mesogefyra Konitsa Villagers 1913

Ioannina, the lake with the castle, 1913

The bridge of Arta, 1913

Parga, 1913

Paramythia, butcher shop, 1913

Paramythia, 1913

Paramythia, house Reagan, 1913

Castri Preveza, a priest in the war devastated church, 1913

Filiates, Countryside, 1913

Fred Boissonnas