Amsler grid test

Amsler grid test is useful for monitoring your central visual field. It is an important way to detect early and sometimes subtle visual changes in a variety of macular diseases. With the Amsler grid, each eye is tested separately. This helps you to recognize visual symptoms which are in one eye only.


If you normally wear reading glasses put them on to view the grid.
Place the grid at the level of your eyes in ambiance with adequate lighting at 30-40 cm (16 inches).
Cover one eye with a hand, but do not close it or press on it.
With your other eye, stare directly at the spot in the center of the grid, and do not look away from this spot.
Repeat the test with your other eye.

Are any of the lines wavy, missing, blurry, or discolored?
If YES, you should make an appointment to have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist.
In any case, continue doing the Amsler grid test 2-3 times a week to monitor any changes.